Lot Sweeping Services

Great Pride & Service Cleaning, LLC Provides Superior Lot Sweeping Services for Commercial Properties

According to the North American Power Sweeping Association. studies have shown that cleanliness ranks as one of the top factors in determining where people do business. Many consumers consider exterior cleanliness as important as interior cleanliness.

Because we are family-owned and operated, Great Pride & Service Cleaning has an extensive knowledge of the Pittsburgh area, and what the elements (and patrons!) can do to a parking lot. A well-maintained parking area is a sign of a successful business, and we want to help ensure your success with our superior lot sweeping services

Advantages of a Clean Lot:

  • Minimize pollutants from storm water that build up.
  • Medical facility patrons want to feel healthy and safe as they look to enter a Doctor’s office
  • Professional appearance tells the potential business partner that you take pride in your facility
  • Patrons are less likely to litter a clean parking lot.
  • Unkempt lots tend to detract from business.
  • Gravel, rocks, dirt and other trash are abrasive. When these items continue to remain on pavement, the paving material starts deteriorating. Parking lot sweeping services spare you the excessive costs of replacing damaged pavement.
  • Power washing services provide for a safe building entrance, free of debris
  • Winters in Pittsburgh can be harsh and our lot sweepers will provide winter care and salting services as well

GPSC provides powerful and efficient solutions for street sweeping and parking lot sweeping. All of our models improve the appearance of your surface as well as having a positive impact on the environment. We employ only trained professionals who are qualified and have the knowledge to provide lot sweeping efficiently, and their goal is to not only meet your needs, but to exceed the expectations of you and your patrons.

When it comes to lot sweeping services, look no further than Great Pride & Service Cleaning. For more information on Lot Sweeping, contact us today for a FREE estimate! We look forward to serving your professional cleaning needs!